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About Us

Ile de Colline is a café and wine shop where you can enjoy specially selected wines and foods.


Our shop’s name, “Ile de Colline”, is a tribute to the owner’s family liquor shop in Kurashiki, Okayama “Okajimaya” 



We are very honored to be on the Star Wine List for the fourth year in a row.​​

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My aim was not only to create a café and wine shop in my community that the locals would take into their hearts and support, but also to create an atmosphere where everyone can relax and enjoy a nice cup of coffee and/or a glass of one of our specially selected wines. 


We look forward to welcoming you!


From the owner

Kana Yamomoto

Our Promise

Our shop is for wine and food lovers like me. I want to introduce our customers to only wines and foods that I love and have a personal relationship with the owners and makers of these products. I only deal with delicious ingredients produced by our proud friends.


At Ile de Colline we promise you a delicious time that will delight both your body and soul.

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I have traveled the world in search of wine, and I am very confident in my wine selection. All the wines in our shop are from regions that I have visited, and met and talked with the makers and producers. 


Just as you would choose an accessory or and item of clothing according to your mood or situation, please let me help you select a great wine for your enjoyment.



Group tastings and wine lessons:


I love to help people learn about wine. Please contact us to organize a wine tasting. Also we have wine lessons throughout the year, please check our schedule for our next wine lesson.


English speaking staff:


Please feel free to contact us with any and all inquires you might have about wine, and our café.

Wine Shop & Café île de Colline

Satako-po 1F

2-14-23 Nishimagome,

Ota-ku, Tokyo-to 143-0026



Location & Hours

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